June 14, 2024

Intel 10nm chipsets are just starting to enter the production phase. The Cannonlake CPUs will be ready  for launch on 2nd half of 2017.

Intel 10nm Factory to Start During Q3 2016 

After the launch of their 6th generation chipsets, Intel is already in the planning stages of working on the newer-gen tech. Precisely speaking, the 10nm chipsets. The prototype phase is already on starting position, as Intel has finally started their 10nm fabrication facility.  Intel is likely to enter the trial production phase within a few weeks. This will ensure least amount of time is spent in shipping Kaby Lake-based CPUs to customers.

Intel 10nm

To confirm the Cannonlake processors are still on track, Intel will start its 10nm factory during Q3 2016. With trial productions planned for this year, we may see volume production in the first half of 2017.  Though the 14nm process was delayed for the mainstream market by 6-9 months, Intel still managed to maintain leading position over the competition, such as Samsung and TSMC.