December 10, 2023

It looks a lot like the new Moto X, only bigger. We must be talking that rumored Nexus device being made by Motorola.

Last night a few more details about the device popped up online, and now an image, which appeared via the XDA-Developers community, shows what appears to be said Nexus device (otherwise known internally as Shamu). It’s noticeably bigger than the LG G3, which itself packs a 5.5-inch screen. So, yeah, the rumored 5.92-inch Nexus device is going to be a beast—more akin to the size of Apple’s more recent iPhone 6 Plus.

The build looks nearly identical to the excellent Moto X, featuring aluminum edges, a rounded back and that ring flash Motorola made such a big deal of. The little dimple on the back seems to vary slightly, though it could simply be because the prototype isn’t quite finished. A big M is plastered there, too, but otherwise there’s no identifying Nexus branding.

The Motorola-made Nexus is rumored to sport the aforementioned 5.92-inch QHD display, a 3200mAh battery, a 13-megapixel camera and a Snapdragon 805 chip. It may also feature the software tricks found in the Moto X, though yesterday’s report said that wouldn’t be the case. The device will supposedly become official mid-October, so we have just a few weeks to go until we learn more.