November 29, 2023

UPDATE:- DICE officially revealed that the new game is indeed titled as “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”.Here is the link of the official; site…go check it out:-

From today we officially entered that week of the year where tons of new surprises and announcements are waiting for us as E3 2015 is just 7 days away.Here is one for you to cheer about.According to sources the upcoming entry in the first person parkour based action adventure series Mirror’s Edge has been officially trademarked.The trademark site is showing “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” as a recently trademarked title and that is enough to tingle our excitement.Here is the pic which revealed the name:-

me trademark

The upcoming installment of this critically acclaimed game is being developed under the supervision of Dice.The trademark site dint offer anymore info on the title so there are two speculations that either it is the title of the game or may be a companion app,though our fingers are crossed in favor of the former.We guess that the secret will be unveiled in this year’s E3.For more info keep your eyes on our site.