June 14, 2024

An Amazon listing has been spotted  for an Xbox One with a one terabyte hard drive for $399.99 and a ship date of June 15 2015 — the exact date of the press conference.Could this be one of the surprises Phil Spencer hinted with Microsoft’s E3 Xbox One press conference?  It seems likely that Microsoft is planning to announce a the new SKU at E3, with actual units shipping immediately afterward. The listing has since been removed.

More hard drive real estate is good news in a world where games are constantly expanding in size , and more recent titles like Batman Arkham Knight cant take upto 45 GB of space !! — a disc fills up quickly if you’re playing a lot of games, and it can be frustrating to continually clear space. From Microsoft’s point of view, more hard drive space encourages gamers to use their digital storefront rather than buying physical discs, which they’re always interested in doing.

The original Xbox One controller


The 1tb Xbox One also comes with a redesigned controller, which appears to basically be the same as the old one but with a universal headset jack in the bottom in addition to the current proprietary one.

Sony  may also be working on a 1 TB PS4 as well and they’ll announce it at E3 as well, selling the ITB model for $399 and knocking the price of the standard 500 gb down to $350 to achieve price parity with the current Xbox One. If this 1tb Xbox One does in fact launch for $399.99, that would mean both consoles would be selling for similar amounts across both hard drive sizes. The Xbox One has momentarily gained momentum by selling at $50 less .

The redesigned controller

Check back for more news regarding E3 !!