October 3, 2023

Apple’s desktop iCloud Photos app probably isn’t the first place you’d go to manage your pictures. Other services like Dropbox or google+ generally offer a nicer cloud-based experience, but that may change thanks to a recent update from the company.


Spotted by German site iFun the new update adds two new features that should bring iCould Photos up to speed. First is the ability to easily zoom in on a picture thanks to a new toggle in the toolbar. You can also quickly send any photo from iCloud to a friend via email without leaving Apple’s website.


The app’s latest upgrade follows some bigger improvements announced late last year. Until recently, iCloud Photos was a totally bare bones experience. It only added the option to upload photos from your browser back in Nov., though you still can’t send your pictures straight to a specific album. Now, Apple seems determined to make its service a viable competitor. Hopefully that means we’ll see even more features launch throughout the rest of the year.