February 19, 2024

Leading Ram manufacturer Gskill today launched the updated version of the critically acclaimed Trident Z Royal Series. The base design remains the same where the crystalline pattern runs across the polished surface of the aluminum heat spreader .  This new series also retains the full-length crystalline light bar and 8-zone RGB lighting like the previous models. The body has undergone some minor changes which makes it more appealing for PC Enthusiasts who are going to build a system that seems aesthetically heavenly.

The updated new series of DDR4 Rams will be available from 3600mhz to 5333mhz consisting of 16GB(8GB*2) , 32GB(16GB*2) , 64GB(32GB*2) as well as 64GB(16GB*4) as kits . The base 3600Mhz  memory modules will have timings of both CL16 as well as CL18 running at 1.35V whereas the highest frequency 5333MHz models will have a CAS latency of CL22

GSkill Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4
Frequency CL Timings Voltage Capacity
3600 16-19-19-39 1.35V 8GBx2 | 16GBx2 | 16GBx4
4000 16-19-19-39 1.4V 16GBx2
18-22-22-42 32GBx2
16-19-19-39 1.5V 16GBx2
19-26-26-46 16GBx4 | 32GBx2
4800 19-28-28-48 1.5V 8GBx2
5066 20-30-30-50 1.6V 8GBx2
5333 22-32-32-52 1.6V 8GBx2

Trident Z Royal Elite DDR4 memory kits will be available via G.SKILL worldwide distribution partners from May 2021 .

Our thoughts: Since the day the Royal series of memory kits was launched in December 2018 , it is becoming more and more appealing to PC enthusiasts as well as Overclockers who consistently try to achieve more and more performance with each passing day . Engineers at Gskill always trying their level best to meet this demand. But the main USP of the ROYAL family which is aesthetics is not neglected by any means and it can be seen from the end products. Designs get evolved keeping pace with time, whether the design will be well liked or not is something else.