February 19, 2024

Star Wars Battlefront is an action game played from either a first person or third person view; players can switch at any time seamlessly.Players traverse planets, such as Endor, Hoth, Tatooine and Sullust. To navigate the world, players use a variety of vehicles, including both air and land-based vehicles.Battles are planet-based, restricting players from exploring space. The game’s weapons, characters, gear and abilities are customizable.As new weapons are unlocked, players have the ability to share them with their teammates.

Electronic Arts expects to sell a minimum of 9-10 million copies of Star Wars: Battlefront during its first fiscal year once it’s released on November 17, according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen. Star Wars : Battlefront is coming on PlayStation 4 , XBOX One , and PC. This is coming with 12 Multiplayer maps. Star Wars: Battlefront is a major title launch that will be just in time for the holidays, and there is little room for error. The company says it has learned from its mistakes related to a rocky launch of Battlefield 4, and doesn’t believe those issues will be repeated this time around.

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Source – Tweaktown