June 15, 2024
Division Patch 1.2 Conflict
Division Patch 1.2 Conflict #0
Take back Columbus Circle

Tom Clancy’s The Division, the open-world loot shooter based on the epidemic afflicted Manhattan, had one hell of a launch and response from the community, amassing over 9.5 million registered players on all platforms. However, post-launch issues such as hacking and exploits led to an atrocious future where the game barely had 100,000 players at times. But, Ubisoft Massive, the developers came out and started their campaign of rejuvenating the game, issuing 3-stage bans to cheaters, removing gear from exploiters and focusing on new content. According to their Season Pass plan, The Division was supposed to get a free content update patch this May. Although, due to the massive problems at hand, they were really fine-tuning the patch to perfection, refraining from disclosing a release date even as late as 12th May. On 17th May, however, Ubisoft finally laid rest to all speculations, unveiling details and releasing a trailer and a launch date for the Patch 1.2 .

Patch 1.2 PvE content:

Division Patch 1.2 Conflict #3
That SAM sure did clear the sky
  1. Incursion: Lore wise, after LMB pulled back from Manhattan, they left the SAM installation at Columbus Circle unmanned.The Rikers moved in and it created a power void for The Division as their supply drops were getting high-jacked. From a gameplay standpoint, players would need to take on Rikers to get some of the top-of-the-line gear. Hard mode will offer gear of 214 Gear Score while Challenge Mode will offer 240 Gear Score content as rewards. Apart from this, you can get 204 Gear Score High-end weapons from Clear Sky. The Gear Score limit for this incursion is the same as Falcon Lost, so if you can enter Falcon Lost, shine up your skills because you will need them.
  2. Search and Destroy: If you have already cleared every named zone in the PvE section of Manhattan, then the Search and Destroy missions will unlock. Completing these missions will grant intel towards the next set of missions and these missions will pit you against groups of enemies varying in difficulty.

    Division Patch 1.2 Conflict #2
    Cinderella is a high-value nuisance in Manhattan
  3. High-Value Target: Once you have completed enough Search and Destroy missions and have gathered enough intel, you’ll be able to hunt special enemies. Lore-wise, they are the new faction leaders, rising up to fill the power void and send the society into chaos once more. Gameplay wise, they mean more loot and rewards. These High-Value Contracts are daily and weekly in nature, some of them even require group focused orientation to defeat them. Note that these missions have a limited time window for completion while other missions are a one-time only chance, High-risk but high-reward, if you fail, they’ll be gone.

Patch 1.2 Dark Zone content:

Showing the ropes.....in a different sense
Showing them the ropes…..by cutting them
  1. Loot Hijacking: The Dark Zone is a bad, bad place, let’s admit it, everyone has that nagging feeling to go rogue to steal something. The devs want us to do the next best thing, steal loot from extraction points. Right now, you attach your loot to the rope and you walk away with guaranteed loot. Not anymore. With Patch 1.2, you can cut the ropes and deny extractions. It turns you rogue but it prevents the non-rogue players from denying rogues their loot. The Dark Zone is a bad place indeed.
  2. Sealed Caches: We already have supply caches in the Dark Zone. Now named bosses inside the Dark Zone will have a chance to spawn sealed caches after their death. These caches contain “mystery items” which are basically random gear, Division Tech and Dark Zone funds. The catch is, however, that in order to open these caches, you’ll have to extract them.

Patch 1.2 Additional content:

  1. Loot drop increment: With Conflict, players will get increased amounts of high-end weapon and gear drops.
  2. Gear Sets: New gear sets are coming with Conflict update. Final Measure is titled as Defuser which will be a defensive and as per my assumptions, a Electronics and Stamina-friendly set. Hunter’s Faith is a sniper set much like the Sentry’s Call we have now. Predator’s Mark is labelled as the Striker category focusing on Supporting. Finally, the Lone Star is a Survivor category but a DPS themed gear set. We hope to see more info on these sets in upcoming days.
  3. New Weapons: We already know that the Historian Sniper rifle is in the game but not up for grabs. With this trailer, we noticed a few additions to the Arsenal of high-end and named weapons. First of all, you can clearly see a new shotgun, the AA-12 being added to the game. Apart from that, what we noticed were the Black, Chrome and Gold finishes on the Black Market SASG-12 and the M60-E4. And as a player who prefers the Pakhan for medium range combat, the idea of having a beastly M60-E4 gives me tons of ideas.

Well, that’s about it for now. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Conflict update goes live on 24th May. Till then, stay tuned and take back Manhattan.