October 3, 2023

Gamers on a budget rejoice, as AOC launches its new G90 series of monitors, sporting refresh rates up to 144 Hz, 1ms response time with AMD’s Freesync technology. The new G90 lineup shall sit in AOC’s entry-level gaming display segment and obviously will be somewhat apart from the superior AGON series, designed for more demanding gamers and enthusiasts but we can’t say the same for the design and firmware as the former looks to be inspired from the premium AGON monitors.

AOC has launched three models under its new G90 series, two 24.5-inch models vide G2590VXQ & G2590PX and their 27-inch bigger brother, the G2790PX.

All are TN panels featuring FHD resolution, brightness of 250-400 nits, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 1 ms GtG response time, and 170°/160° horizontal/vertical viewing angles, a standard for affordable TN LCD models. When it comes to design, the three models under this lineup sport similar looks with thin bezels, “gaming red” inlays, but have different stand-adjustment abilities. As mentioned, all three displays are packed with AMD’s FreeSync dynamic refresh rate technology with low framerate compensation (LFC), with a range of 30-144 Hz for the G2590PX and G2790PX and a 30-75 Hz range even for the cheapest G2590VXQ. They also have support for AOC’s low input lag feature as well as Shadow Control enhancement which diminished eye-strain by making dark scenes brighter.

The AOC G90 family can be considered by a wide range of gamers as it offers various input options to the users such as DisplayPort, D-Sub, MHL (for the 24.5 models) and the 2 x HDMI enables hassle-free usage of both PC as well as consoles in one display.

The AOC G2790PX is already available with select retailers in Europe @ €349/£309; the G2590X, is expected hit the market by next month with a price tag of €279/£249. The youngest brother of the family, the G2590VXQ will start to ship this month and can be yours for €179/£159.

US pricing of the new AOC G90 lineup of monitors are yet to be announced as AOC’s partners are selling off their previous generation of gaming displays with discounts. For instance, the AOC G2460PF which is to be replaced by the new G2590PX (24” TN, FHD, 350 nits, 1000:1, 144 Hz, 1 ms GtG, FreeSync, DVI, D-Sub, HDMI, adjustable stand, no Shadow Control) is available @ $205 from Amazon.