July 12, 2024

‘Ant Play’ has launched first of its own kind, a cloud based gaming platform that turns any smart device into a gaming PC. The idea is to simplify the streaming of high-quality, immersive games on low, medium and even aging desktops and laptops. 

 Ant Play aims to make high end, fast paced gaming more accessible via leveraging cloud services, Ant Play makes it easy to stream high-quality, immersive games on low, medium and even aging desktops and laptops. Players can enjoy Ant Play on their favorite devices without lengthy downloads or updates, expensive hardware or complicated configuration. It gives the ability to play at FHD, 60fps, a latency of 10-20 ms, and all of it with a connectivity currently found in most homes between 15Mb/s to 50Mb/s 

 “Ant Play is new and promising software designed to create easy access to play great games on the devices customers already own and love. The users will be benefited with the best configuration at the minimum subscription price” said Himanshu Jain, Founder, Ant Play 

Any Game, Any Configuration, Any Budget! 

While other services in the field offer one plan solution only Ant Play offers two predefined configurations at launch with one based on a quad-core CPU and GTX 1660 and another based on an octa-core CPU and RTX 3060. Users can choose the configuration and pay for intervals ranging from as small as 7 days to a full month giving the highest level of transparency to the subscribers so they can choose what fits their needs, requirements, and budgets. Since the services start from as low as Rs 999 (FOR 7 Days), Ant Play is definitely on the affordable side considering the current situation of graphics card pricing.  


Ant Play is live and one can purchase the plan of their choice from their official website. Once a purchase is made a unique user ID and password would be sent to the user within 48 hours post which they can start using their cloud desktop.   

ANT Play Cloud gaming
Plan 1 [Quad Core + GTX 1660] Plan 2 [Octa Core + RTX 3060]
7 Days Rs. 999 Rs. 1999
15 Days Rs. 1999 Rs. 2999
30 Days Rs. 2999 Rs. 3999

Editors Note: This is a very ambitious project and can turn into a worthy successor to somewhat established services like GeForce Now and Stadia (which I admit is kind of dead). However, the challenge will lie in fine-tuning of price since GeForce Now can be accessed easily via a VPN with a sub 500 price range for 30 days. A 7-day plan for 999 is kind of steep in this price-sensitive market. Its too early to dismiss ANT Play so let’s wait and watch.