May 19, 2024

Another leak has made it its way into the wild..errr….interwebz.
Thistimes its in a PDF sent to the editor of


the leak contained a professionally looking PDF file as per them so we can be pretty much certain its a real one the the next gen card form AMD is getting released to AIB’s next week.

with that aside i would like to draw your attention to the codename WCE whihc i think means WaterCooler Edition, so there might be a non water cooled edition too? if so please AMD give us a proper copper or steel reference cooler this time.

Maybe something like this


With the Radeon logo glowing(one can dream,right?)

AMD Radeon R9 390X WCE:

  • Next iteration of the highly successful GCN design
    – Up to 4096 shader units
  • Full DirectX®12_Tier 3 implementation
  • Optimized for 4K gaming & beyond
  • First ever GPU designed for VR immersion
  • Special enthusiast water-cooled edition
  • Up to 8GB of ultra-high bandwidth HBM video memory
  • Hardware H.265 decoding and over 4x the previous H.264 encoding speed, enabling smooth live streaming
  • Enhanced ZeroCore™ functionallity (not sure why would make such a mistake)

So take this leak with a very big bad of salt and wait for the actual release.