7th Generation AMD APU “Bristol Ridge” products now available

AMD APU, Generation 7

site web can you buy furosemide tablets   New Delhi, June 1, 2016 — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced its full 7th Generation AMD A-Series Processor lineup, designed to help provide powerful productivity and entertainment performance with maximum mobility for consumers. Previously codenamed “Bristol Ridge” and “Stoney Ridge,” the 7th Generation AMD FX™, A-Series, and E-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) show major improvements in performance compared to the previous generation, including double-digit gains in gaming, video rendering, and file compression performance. Consumers can take their gaming experience to the next level using a PC equipped with support…

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AMD Radeon R9 390X WCE leaks out, launch is near?

Another leak has made it its way into the wild..errr….interwebz. Thistimes its in a PDF sent to the editor of Videocardz.com the leak contained a professionally looking PDF file as per them so we can be pretty much certain its a real one the the next gen card form AMD is getting released to AIB’s next week. with that aside i would like to draw your attention to the codename WCE whihc i think means WaterCooler Edition, so there might be a non water cooled edition too? if so please…

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