February 21, 2024

With the rumor mill in overdrive, the amount of leaks coming from both sides of the force is astounding. This time, we have a leak from the Red side of the force where the AMD Polaris 11 SKU has been spotted in the wild(Compubase database).

AMD Polaris 11 SKU

AMD Polaris 11 SKU Details
AMD Polaris 11, Device ID 67FF:C8 codenamed “Goose”

The word SKU is intentional in this instance since we know Polaris 11 will launch in many different configurations and this particular GPU will have 16CU’s. It is important since Compubench shows Active Computing Units.


So if the device info is correct Polaris GCN 4.0 architecture still has 64 Stream Processors per CU, then Polaris 11 67FF SKU should feature 1024 unified cores. Combining that with the fact that new FineFET arch has more capacitor density per mm2 we are looking at silicones that are more efficient than ever(also let’s not forget we are looking at 14nm process).

AMD Polaris 11 vs GeForce GTX 950

Although its too early to compare the leaked SKU to anything else found on the market, however, the following comparison found on the interwebz should give you some rough idea; but as always take this with a truckload of salt. The performance as always is dismal since the drivers are not optimized yet for the final product.

AMD Polaris 11 vs GTX 950
Via Videocardz

CES2016 Polaris 11 demonstration

back in January 2016, AMD demonstrated the power efficiency of the Polaris Architecture in CES where they stated Radeon card based on Polaris 11 can offer stable 60 frames per second in Star Wars Battlefront while the whole system will draw just 86W from power socket while systems with GeForce GTX 950 delivering the same framerate will require 140W.

AMD-Polaris-11-vs-GeForce-GTX-950 power consumption

PCPerspective managed to take a video from the demo and with that we conclude this little write-up

So what are your thoughts on the new found leak? do you think Polaris will fail? or will it give strong competition to the green side?

Let us know in the comments, this is one topic I would love to see the debates.