April 19, 2024

GTA online

GTA V Online created quite a buzz around the gaming community , i have seen people do ridiculous stuffs and pull off heists in the game as well. So in order to make the game even more intriguing , Rockstar announced a new adversary mode which will be coming on April 12th for GTA Online called Inch by Inch.

Rockstar’s description states that :

…a new GTA Online Adversary Mode… that sees you competing for possession of a Package and clawing your way through a hail of bullets to reach your team’s end zone. After each score, the action immediately resets – ensuring a frenetic and desperate battle of wits and skill. The player carrying the package cannot use their weapons, so tenacity and teamwork are required to advance towards the goal line. A burst of speed will help them make some ground, but only a constant barrage of support from their back-up will ensure their hard earned point.

Inch By Inch seems to be designed for those who really want to work together in order to secure an objective and defeat their adversaries.

To celebrate the launch of Inch by Inch for the game, players will also get access to double RP and money associated with the Adversary Playlist that the developers are introducing, and there are also price cuts associated with the weapons offered via the Ammu-Nation, including sniper rifles, shotguns and armor.

Also on April 12, a new vehicle, the Vapid Minivan, will be available at Benny’s Original Motor Works in-game.

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