July 12, 2024

According to recent leaks, GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 may release at Computex and the hype is building up with each leak/rumor. The latest leak reveals the first shot of NVIDIA’s GP104 GPU.

First pictures of the NVIDIA Pascal GP104 GPU which will power GeForce Graphics Cards!

The GP104 GPU is considered to be under full production and it may possibly happen if we see the latter at Computex. The GP104 GPU measures around 300mm2, smaller than the current  GM204 GPU by 100mm2 seen on the GTX 970 and GTX 980 cards. The GP104 GPU is expected to pack around 7 Billion transistor, close to the current flagship GPU, the GM200 which has 8.00 billion transistors under its hood.
The GPU in the picture is most probably an early engineering sample since the board is green. The board uses the latest Samsung K4G80325FB-HC25 chips which use the 8 Gb DRAM and run at 8 Gbps speeds. However, current GPUs only manage to get around 7 Gbps memory. The higher density chips will allow NVIDIA to offer beefier VRAM solution so the 8 GB VRAM rumors might be true. NVIDIA used the same memory on their Pascal GP106 GPU which was showcased on the Drive PX 2 module at Computex so it’s confirmed that NVIDIA will stick to GDDR5 solutions.NVIDIA-Pascal-SM-635x357

Also, the leaked picture shows that  NVIDIA has opted for a some-more rectilinear pattern and we have seen a same trend with their GP106 and GP100 GPUs that were shown during GTC 2016. The rectilinear pattern doesn’t meant a lot though NVIDIA has mostly outed block made GPUs in their prior lineup with a difference of a GM206, GF114 and a few other GPUs.NVIDIA-Pascal-GP106-GPU-635x409
NVIDIA and AMD adopting 8GB VRAM  will create a new standard for High-Performance cards like GTX 1070 and GTX 1080.