April 16, 2024

In an recent interview with Lisa Su , CEO of Semiconductor maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc, she has stated that she doesn’t expect her major strategy decisions to manifest for several years.Lisa Su talked about the disconnect between Wall Street and what she’s trying to achieve at the company. Su explains that while everybody wants to keep score every quarter, she’s working in an industry that takes three to five years to really fully evaluate.

AMD is focusing its attention on three main vectors in an attempt to return to profitability : GPUs for the gaming industry, immersive platforms designed to improve the usability of technology, and connecting data centers with networks.

AMD plans to stay away from developing for the PC market because of its volatility. This means the future of the company’s processor lineup, like the upcoming Zen architecture, is unknown but it seems to be that AMD is looking to focus on growing markets where it can deliver strong products , the company is looking to play where AMD’s strengths intersect with growing demand while trying to engender investor confidence with a steady release of new products that highlight progress for the long term.

“I think our challenge is not related to whether we’re public or private,” she said, “it’s more related to the fact that we’re in an industry that takes three to five years to really fully evaluate — you’re not going to know whether I’ve done a good job until five years from. However, everybody wants to keep score every quarter. And you know, that’s life.”