November 29, 2023

WhatsApp can be named as the proper replacement of SMS in present days worldwide with more than 700 million monthly users. After being adopted by Facebook, WhatsApp has taken two major steps forward to establish their dominance in the world of messaging; one is the introduction of their new web client, and another is introduction of the all new WhatSIM.

Till date, WhatsApp connectivity had the primary urge to have an internet facility on your device to stay connected to your contacts, but now, WhatSIM has been invented by Manuel Zenella, who is noted as Italy’s first Global Mobile Operator for low cost roaming and the founder of ZeroMobile. WhatSIM can be purchased for EUR 10 (nearly 714 INR) with an additional shipping charge of EUR 5 (nearly 350 INR) and thus you are subscribed for free and unlimited service of WhatsApp for a year. Though the service is valid for text messaging, location and contact sharing only, NOT for multimedia sharing. However, to send media files like voice messages, videos, photos, one should buy credits which is as simple as recharging a phone SIM. In exchange of EUR 5, you will be provided with 1000 credits and as you send or receive multimedia messages in your WhatsApp account, corresponding credits will be deducted from the balance. This deduction scheme is entirely dependent on where you are traveling. WhatSIM can be purchased in WhatSim website, though they are planning to have a chain of local distributors in more than 100 countries. Similar process is applicable for credits recharge, just a click, visit their website (even a smartphone browser will do it) and it is done; preferably one can choose their dedicated app to recharge too.

In answer to any connectivity related queries, WhatSIM is claimed to trace the provider with best network coverage and signal strength depending upon the location of the user. As you move, it continues to search for the best provider and automatically switches itself to a better one if available, without notifying you.

Get WhatSIM and make WhatsApp your companion to stay connected to all your contacts, irrespective of which corner of the world you visit.