July 12, 2024
ZOTAC Launches The GeForce RTX 3090 ArcticStorm Graphics Card with the ArcticStorm water block, 16+4 power phase design, and much more.

Today on April 29th ZOTAC has released its latest ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 ArcticStorm custom graphics card. The ArcticStorm series comes with a custom-made factory water block that fully covers the PCB. ArcticStorm brings amazing cooling performance out of the box to the world’s most powerful GPU for maximum performance.

ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 ArcticStorm

Design Inspired From The Award-Winning AMP Holo

The ArcticStorm design is inspired by the award-winning AMP Holo series. With gaming aesthetics, futuristic looks, and minimalist design. The water block is created through a precision-guided laser etching process. The carved paths and added texture on the water block brings a sense of dimension, and the customizable lighting enhances the overall look in an elegant and beautiful way.

Advanced and Efficient Cooling

The flow path for coolant is maximized and has been carved out to cover the core areas under a nickel-plated copper cold plate making direct contact with the GPU. At the center of the flow path lies a 0.3mm micro-channel core to bring the best cooling performance. The anodized aluminum water block fully covers the entire length of the PCB and makes contact with the most critical components including GPU, memory, and VRM via premium-quality thermal pads to secure the highest possible heat transfer.

Slim and Smaller Profile

ArcticStorm water block utilizes a dual-slot PCI bracket while only measuring 25.9mm in width making its design offer improved flexibility for use in compact builds.

  • RTX 3090 ArcticStorm Front Side
  • RTX 3090 ArcticStorm Front Top Side
  • RTX 3090 ArcticStorm Backside

Unparalleled Stability With the 16+4 Power Phase

With a 16+4 power phase design, it ensures that none of the phases are overworked and end up being over-heated. Larger distribution of power brings improved stability and safety. The POWERBOOST control chip on these GPUs also provides users with live voltage regulation and instant electrical deviation responses to reduce ripple noise, minimize power fluctuations, and increase temperature tolerance for consistent performance and reliable stability.

Addressable RGB Lighting Powered by SPECTRA 2.0

Addressable RGB LEDs and effortless customization powered by the SPECTRA 2.0 lighting system make the ArcticStorm GPUs illuminate beautifully. Using the FireStorm Utility you can adjust brightness and lighting modes on each lighting area. Also, synchronization is made possible by the featured 3-pin ARGB header for great flow through the entire PC.

  • Backside of The GPU
  • Waterblock fittings and design
  • IO Panel

Standard Fittings for Best LCS Hardware Compatibility

ArcticStorm uses the most standardized fitting, G 1/4 inlet and outlet ports on top, for flexible installation and to make a wide selection of liquid cooling hardware compatible with the water block. there are two sealing barbs included supporting the 10mm inner diameter tubing.