April 16, 2024

Yesterday, the latest WHQL drivers from NVIDIA were released, the version 364.47, for the upcoming games with Game Ready Support. NVIDIA also added the support for version 1.0.3 of the Vulkan Kernel. Created by the Khronos group, Vulkan is the successor of the open GL, also with the version 1.0 released just last month. There aren’t many games that can take advantage of the recently released API. With this, NVIDIA has made themselves the first company to support both direct x12 and Vulkan in a non beta and complete state.

The drivers adds supports to the next generation Vulkan API which will replace the open GL.

Now, OpenGL runtime contains following extensions and functions:



What the gamers really want to see now is the boost in optimization with every new driver release and also the new API which is now available in the market. AMD will definately try to enhance their graphics performance with Vulkan and NVIDIA will also look to extend their lead with the APIs.