April 20, 2024

Vivo XPlay 5 To Feature 6Gb of RAM

Earlier, speculation Suggest that Vivo would be releasing the first ever smartphone to feature 6GB of RAM that is Vivo XPlay 5.However their competitor Huawei p9 was there but according to the reports, Huawei p9 may not have 6GB  at all ,by this all competitive factors paved away and  its gave Vivo accessed to release what they are planning to do so with ease.

Not only that, we now get to See a glimpse of  The Vivo XPlay 5 which has been  leaked on Internet.

Vivo Xplay 5

(Picture Source :- GSMARENA)

Recently The Vivo XPlay was up for some Photo Shoot, hence giving us a glimpse what  the handset may look, when we will get it after its official launch. Nevertheless, Live shots reveal a real unit which is a definitive proof of the Vivo XPlay 5’s design.

Details about the Specification  are still not officially revealed, but according to hearsay ,the XPlay 5 will come with a Snapdragon 820 processor along with 6GB of RAM.

Vivo XPlay 5

(Picture Source :- GSMARENA)

It may feature a dual curved display, according to leaked image we can see the  design of the XPlay 5 with a metal body and the curved sides. Other than display, XPlay 5 is expected to come with 6.0-inch QHD with 1440×2560 pixel resolution.

Not much known about Its camera And battery, but rumor Suggest that the device gonna feature 16 Mega-pixel on its  back and 8 Mega-pixel in front.The phone could be backed with massive 4300mAh of battery power.

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