February 26, 2024

Another Ubisoft game and another PC fiasco. Looks like Far Cry Primal actually requires a Titan X to run at 75-90 fps custom settings on 1080p, according to few sources. Well this indicates that Far Cry Primal is the new victim of lazy porting / optimization. Ubisoft chose to release Far Cry Primal on PC almost a week after console release but things are same as before. According to famous YouTuber “TotalBiscuit” Far Cry Primal actually runs at around 75-90 fps with custom settings on 1080p that also on a Titan X. Crank up the resolution to 4k the game runs on 30fps on the same gpu which actually packs a freaking 12gb vram for your much 4k needs. If you planned to skip the game on consoles and play on PC Masterrace with 60 FPS glory you better be ready with a beast. Far Cry Primal is available on ps4 and xbox one for 3499 INR and you if you have guts you can also pre order it on PC for 1799 INR. For more info on Far Cry Primal keep your eyes on Techarx.

2 thoughts on “Far Cry Primal Demands A Titan X To Run At 1080p With Decent FPS

  1. my bet would be Ubisoft knows PC gamers are smart enough not to buy rip-offs, so they did not really expect to sell much of Far Cry 3 Primal on PC anyway.

  2. Is this supposed to be a professional opinion? It’s crapbag attitudes like this, that expect every developer to cater to their specific rig for everything that have created this “master race” entitled nonsensical trend. An average PC player (an actual player, not someone who wants to show off their rig) won’t much care above 60 FPS. The game runs just fine, averaging on 56-60 fps on my rig. More than playable. An average player won’t care about 4k at 90fps. That’s an idiotic thing to care about.

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