July 12, 2024
The Pascal Beats Pascal :

It’s August 2nd, the launch date for the TITAN X Pascal. NVIDIA isn’t handing out the card to many reviewers before launch and hence, details are slim. But VideoCardz has come to the rescue with leaked benchmarks where the TITAN X Pascal beats all competition.

The leaked 3D Mark benchmarks show some really impressive numbers. In the picture, we can  see both FireStike and FireStrike Ultra results for  the GTX 1060 OC right up to the TITAN X.

TITAN X Pascal Beats GTX 1080

In 1080p, the new Titan X scores 26,660 on Fire Strike , while the GTX 1080 scores 21,603. That’s an increase of 23% as the TITAN Pascal Beats 1080. In the 4K run of Fire Strike, the Titan X scores 6532 while GTX 1080 scores 5043. The difference is further increased, as the Titan X Pascal beats the GTX 1080 by 29%. For two GPUs based on the same GP102 chip, that’s a big boost.

The TITAN X will hit stores with a price tag of $1200. A hefty sum. Also, it’ll be interesting to see just how a GTX 1070 SLI stacks up against this powerhouse. Since according to this benchmark, the TITAN X is 1.5 times faster, theoretically, two 1070s might just beat it. But, we’ll have to wait for real world tests before anyone knows for sure.

Source : VideoCardz