July 16, 2024

This War of Mine is unlike any other war game out there. It doesn’t have a Hollywood inspired story where the near-invincible protagonist gets to shoot down every last enemy soldier, it isn’t about good vs bad, and it doesn’t glorify violence. Instead, you control a group of people with one object – survive.

Inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War, the game depicts the true horrors of war.

Released back in 2014, This War of Mine has since found its way onto multiple platforms.

You lead a small group of survivors, as you forage for food and upgrade your base, constructing makeshift beds and workshops. Each survivor has their own talents that make them good at something. They even have their own fleshed-out backstories.

Every night, you have to send one of your survivors to search for supplies. Each encounter can go both ways, you can get lucky and find tons of scrap, or you can get caught by raiders. Death is permanent, and you can face moral dilemmas while out on a run. Do you steal supplies from a helpless couple? Do you risk helping another survivor out? It’s these little decisions that create tension and breathe life into This War of Mine.

The final cut introduces new events and quests based on the Stories DLCs and also adds a new character.

The visuals in This War of Mine were remarkably clean and beautiful, it managed to create a tremendous amount of atmosphere and portray a collapsed society. The Final Cut adds 21:9 aspect ratio, 4k UI adjustments along with remastering older locations.

Major changes and new content:

  • One new classic scenario
  • All locations from TWoM Stories added to the original game
  • New quests and Events on Stories locations
  • Remastered versions of all the classic locations
  • A brand-new character
  • Vanilla version of the game

Minor changes and tweaks:

  • 64bit and 32bit version
  • 21:9 aspect ratio support
  • 4k UI adjustments
  • new main menu
  • additional smaller bugfixes and tweaks



This War of Mine is a unique gem of a game. It delivered a minimalistic yet deep depiction of war and managed to captivate people all over when it was first released. Now The Final Cut update makes a great game even better by adding new content, fixing bugs and improving the visuals. 11bit’s commitment to their game is truly applaudable.