February 25, 2024
Things you can do with your Gaming PC in free time

PC’s are awesome. They are a marvel of technology which enables you to do multiple things to boost your productivity and quality of life in general, be it simple entertainment or something of paramount importance related to your job. But what if you are free and bored out of your mind and don’t want to do something taxing? Here are a few things you can do if you face a similar situation

Trying your luck in Online Casinos and Sports Predictions

This might sound a bit dangerous to some, but online gambling can be a way to pass time and even earn from it. Of course, you don’t have to waste lots of cash. Many websites offer free spins and different bonuses even on small deposits. But getting the full picture and understanding who is the best operator for you isn’t always easy – especially when you don’t have any past with this kind of gaming. That is why in order to find the best online casinos in India, you have to read some reviews and see who offers the most generous bonuses and the best games. There’s a huge variety of games – some even include live gaming against players from other places. With a small budget of 10$ – you can usually grab some free turns and if you stick to small bets you can pass the time greatly and with many excitements – for the same price of a couple of kitchen towels. Of course, we do not encourage you to gamble. You can simply register and play a bit with the free bonuses – that can be found by a simple check.

If you are a sports enthusiast, you can try your luck in predicting the outcomes of games while supporting your favorite teams. For example, if you are a cricket lover you can check Tips for IPL Predictions and cheer for them.

Video Game Streaming:

Streaming is the process of providing media content as a form of entertainment over the internet. Video Game streaming is one subset of that where a person plays a video game from any genre and streams it over the Internet for the masses to see and get entertained. For a starter there won’t be any dearth of viewers once they start over in any of the streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube or Facebook. You can also look at Mixer by Microsoft which made headlines this year when they nabbed one of the biggest game streamers in the world as an exclusive act. The only caveat is your PC has to decently powerful along with a strong internet connection. For more information on video game streaming, you can join some professional forums and talk with other streamers who are already streaming and ask for advice.

Taking Part in Distributed Computing Projects:

Distributed Computing projects or Grid Computing Project are a huge computational project where the computing power needed is taken from various nodes spread across the internet. The beauty of the concept lies in the fact that you can take part in it wherever you are and how small your system might be. There are various distributed computing projects out there ranging from folding proteins for medical research (Folding@Home) to astronomical research (Seti@Home) and everything in between. We would highly recommend you to check out these two guides for Folding@home and SETI@Home respectively.

So, there you go! A list of activities you can try if you have some free time with your Gaming PC!

DO you have any other activities that you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!