May 24, 2024
Thermaltake Toughpower Gold SFX

Press Release

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is thrilled to bring out a new power supplies series to the market – Toughpower SFX 450W/550W/650W Gold – TT Premium Edition. This series is an upgraded version of our previous SFX power supplies, which aims at giving users a more stable and reliable work environment. The Toughpower SFX series power supplies are 125mm in width, 100mm in-depth, and 63.5mm in height, and they also adapt high-quality Japanese main capacitors, which improves durability and offers high stability. This PSU is equipped with an SFX to ATX adapter bracket that allows users to have more options for selecting their ideal case. Other than that, the PSU is designed with a 90mm Hydraulic Bearing Fan, which enables better performance by taking in more air to cool down the power supply compared to the previous Thermaltake SFX series with 82mm fans. What’s more, there are two highlights which cannot be neglected: firstly, all ripples are lower than 30mV on +12V, +5V, or +3.3 from 0% to 100% load to provide steadier operation. Secondly, in order to meet the highest performance, the voltage regulation is set to no more than ±2% for major rails and is stricter than Intel’s standard of ±5%. If you’re looking for a PSU with favorable features, especially for those who are using Mini ITX cases or other compact cases, Toughpower SFX 450W/550W/650W Gold – TT Premium Edition will be your right fit!

Features of The Thermaltake Toughpower SFX Gold Series Power Supply – TT Premium Edition:

<30mV Low Ripple Noise

Power rail ripple noise chart

A new feature to ensure more stable operation of power supplies and keeps your performance-critical components working consistently for longer: All ripples are lower than 30mV on +12V, +5V, or +3.3V from 0% to 100% load.

Extremely Strict Voltage Regulation <±2%

Voltage regulation chart

To ensure the PSU is meeting the highest performance, we set an extremely strict voltage regulation that is no more than ±2% for major rails in comparison with Intel’s standard ±5% for major rails and ±10% for -12V.

Ultra Quiet 90mm Hydraulic Bearing Fan

The new Ultra Quiet Hydraulic Bearing Fan has been upgraded from 82mm to 90mm to better intake more air to cool down the power supply whilst maintaining a silent working environment.

SFX to ATX Adapter Bracket

SFX to ATX adapter bracket for Thermaltake Gold SFX

Toughpower SFX Gold series come with an SFX to ATX adapter bracket to offers users more choices when it comes to selecting the ideal case for the build.

Zero RPM Smart Fan

Thermaltake Gold SFX Fan Curve

Built with an intelligent temperature-controlled Zero RPM Smart Fan, the fan can effectively reduce unwelcome noise generated by fan operation and ramping up only when needed.

Fully Modular Low-Profile Flat Cable

Thermaltake SFX PSU Flat Cables

Toughpower SFX Gold series offers modular cable selection, including Main Power Connector (24pin), ATX 12V (4+4pin), SATA (5pin), PCI-E (6+2pin), Peripheral (4Pin) & FDD and FDD Adapters for users while powering the system at an advantageous voltage. The low-profile flat black cables make cable management easier, reduces clutter, and increases airflow inside the chassis.

Premium Japanese 105°C/221°F Capacitors

This series provides great durability and the highest stability while remaining reliable by adopting Premium Japanese Capacitors.

High Amperage Single +12V Rail

Powerful single +12V rail ensures a stable and reliable supply to other PC components.

Availability, Warranty, and Pricing

Toughpower SFX 450W/550W/650W Gold – TT Premium Edition will be available for purchase at the end of April 2021 via the Thermaltake worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors. It is backed by a seven-year warranty and supported by the Thermaltake worldwide customer service and technical support network. For up-to-date pricing of the power supplies, please refer to the Thermaltake website or contact your local Thermaltake sales or PR representative.