April 16, 2024


Teotl Studios and GRIP Digital have announced when players can start to get their hands on single-player survival game The Solus Project. The game is the spiritual successor of The Ball, which will be launching on Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development on February 18, and Xbox Game Preview on February 26.

The Solus Project is a first-person single player survival adventure game which follows the story of an astronaut on a mission , which will determine the future of the human race. Unfortunately his spacecraft crashes on a foreign planet(Gliese-6143-C)and he must fight against the elements in a bid to survive. The game has a whole new survival mechanism that will emphasize on  certain elements such as- temperature, environmental hazards, hunger, and thirst. The game will also include a crafting mechanism which will help the player battle against the harsh environment.

The climate system in The Solus Project is one of the talking points, with a rich and diverse climate that you have to adapt to in order to survive. This dynamic climate mechanism will provide a number of impediments for the player to overcome.

The game also promises a great narrative structure with several clues strewn across the planet that just might mean you aren’t the only being there…

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The Solus Project releases on the 18th of February for Xbox One and PC as an Early Access game. Nothing is known regarding its release for PS4.

The game will be getting episodic content updates on all platforms, with a final version expected to launch in May this year.