April 17, 2024

Last year when naughty Dog released a new IP instead of their famous uncharted series or jack and daxter or crash bandicoot.Many eyebrows raised and people already started gossiping that that the 7th gen console ending is near and its already in ventilation.But destiny has written something else for ps3.Yes the announcement was made about next gen consoles and and the successor PS4 but ps3 ended its exclusive line with a bang.THE LAST OF US,a game which changed the whole scenario of gaming industry with its unique gameplay,the 7th gen consoles’ hardware capabilities and above all a perfect flawless storyline which made gamers cry with every heart touching scenes.10/10 from all the major sites proved that apart from graphics,story also has the same impact as before.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140806225505

A year passed,we already stepped into the next gen of gaming and consoles.The visual fidelity changed with much more improved hardware.So its time to release the masterpiece again on next gen to see if its still has that ability to woo the gamers obviously with greater visual experience which includes 1080p and 60fps.And the result is same.The last of us still holds that magic wand efficiently now in much more broader canvas with its own glory.Naughty dog has literally worked hard to redefine the environment of the last of us from its last gen version and you can see the difference right from the menu screen.1080p looks gorgeous.
The Last of Us is the story of Joel and Ellie.Two people in a post apocalyptic world where nature again reclaimed its possession. A dangerous virus called Cordycep mutated the human beings into cannibalistic creatures.resources are low,many territories abandoned,declared quarantine zone.The last of Us is mainly the story of the journey joel and ellie and how situation changes them.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140807025410

Now the important features.features. Tlou took a great leap in terms of graphics and performance from ps3 to ps4.No more 30 fps 720p,the last of us remastered now running 1080p 60 fps on ps4.Though Naughty Dog provided a 30fps lock but that only for the people who want that ps3 cinematic feel.60fps was pretty smooth
and to be honest as a third person game it gave us a bit of trouble but we adjusted after few sessions.

The most noticeable part or rather change is how the dualshock 4 has been used in the remastered version. Ps3’s. pathetic trigger days are gone and dualshock 4’s awesomely designed trigger will literally let u feel what going on the screen.backpack can now be accessed via touchpad.The light bar is the indicator of your health status and the speaker lets you listen to the audio logs and the flashlight toggle,same as Kilzone shadowfall.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140806234838

Another jewel in the crown is the latest Photo mode which lets you capture the scenic beauty of tlou environment freely.You can actually adjust the camera,move it,adjust depth of field,add some effects.Photo mode is quite popular among ps users after its initial debut with Infamous Second Son.

The last of Us remastered comes with all the dlcs released till now on ps3 along with the single player dlc “left Behind”.

so our score on tlou remastered is:-


Its been pleasure for us to play tlou remastered on ps4 and the essence is still the same like ps3 now with much more detailed world.tell us your views and experiences in our comment section.