April 15, 2024


Google Glass can be fun to use, but there still isn’t really a compelling reason to strap on the wearable device on a regular basis let alone pay $1500 for a pair of your own. Now British grocery chain Tisco may have come up with the first killer app for Glass as part of an effort to make it even easier to order new milk when you run out.

The Tesco Google Glass app lets you scan the barcode for everyday items offered by the company, like the jug of milk featured in a new promotional video. The display then shows an info card with nutritional information for your milk and lets you quickly add it to a virtual basket and finalize your order. Then Tesco will deliver the milk by truck.

The app probably won’t replace regular grocery shopping entirely, but it could definitely be useful for restocking on essentials like paper towels. Unfortunately, the application isn’t actually available today, but hopefully Tesco will let you order food using Google Glass in the near future. We could also see companies like Walmart, Amazon and even Google offering a similar service here in the U.S., though for now the number of people using Glass may be too limited for the app to really take off.

Source: Tesco Labs