April 15, 2024

Starting from humble origins as PSU manufacturer’s Corsair has evolved today into a manufacturing giant. If we look at Corsairs portfolio they manufacture everything these days barring the essential parts like CPU, Motherboard, GPU and Rams.

Today we will be taking a look at one of their products from the peripherals area ; a keyboard featuring mechanical keys.

Presenting the Corsair K60.

Initial Impressions and specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Light, responsive Cherry MX Red mechanical switches for fast, efficient gaming action
  • 45g actuation Force
  • 2mm to actuation and 4mm to bottom
  • Rated for 50 million operations
  • Gold contacts
  • Tuned silicon dome keys witches: F1 through F12, Esc, PrtScn, Scroll Lock,  Pause/Break, Insert, Home, Page Up Page Down, Delete, and End
  • Ten (10) additional sculpted FPS keys (W, A, S, D and 1 to 6) for superior reaction and control — interchangeable with the standard keyboard keys, gaming palm rest with soft-touch surface for superior gaming comfort
  • Storage for ten (10) sculpted FPS keys
  • Key extraction tool included and storable in palm rest
  • Six multimedia keys — Stop, Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Mute, Volume Up/Down — with Solid metal, weighted volume “drum roller”
  • Windows Lock key for uninterrupted game play
  • Metal top plate for increased strength, durability and rigidity
  • USB pass-through connector giving easy access to a USB port on the back of the keyboard (USB 2.0/1.1/1.0)
  • USB Connector with gold plated contacts
  • 2m non-tangle cable

Package contents

  • Vengeance K60 gaming keyboard
  • Detachable wrist rest (with textured, contoured WASD and #1-6 keys)
  • Warranty card

System requirements

  • PC with USB port
  • Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows XP


The K60 is the base model offered by Corsair in their mechanical lineup with cherry red mechanical keys.


The layout is non-standard ,whole body is made of steel and its quite heavier than normal keyboards. The Keyboard have 105 Keys in Total , and to mention that all the keys are not ‘Mechanical’. And since this is the “base model” so to speak there is no back-light and macro capabilities.


Corsair has opted for aluminum backplate behind the keyboard, with all of the keys raised off of it–there’s no tray for crumbs/hair/general-filth to stay.


Apart form that we can see the usage of Cherry Red keys for the bulk with the document navigation and F1-F12 using traditional membrane-style switches.

Apart from that the keyboard has a roller key for volume control and media keys along side it.


We also see a windows lock key whihc pretty handy in gaming(trust me, the windows menu popping up when you are aiming down sight for a perfect head shot is annoying and game braking at times.)


The cable is a braided one with dual USB ports; one for the keyboard and the other one acting as a pass through for the USB hub on board(pictured below)




The K60 is a very well build keyboard optimized towards FPS gaming, and to test the validity of Corsairs claim we took it through various FPS scenario both offline and online.

We ran it through games like Battlefield 3 and 4, CSGO for a little time and Borderlands 2 and many more; even a little bit of DOTA 2; The K60 came through all of our tests with flying colors and performed as claimed by corsair.
This truly a good keyboard; however there are some things I would like to point out whihc i believe should be changed :

  • The wrist guard needs to be full size like the K70, the left hand only support feels awkward during typing.
  • The sculpted keys feel a bit off while comparing to the other keys in the keyboard, so having a feel that you might have missed a key in a tensed gaming situation is a possibility and not acceptable; i would suggest a change in the accent of the keys.

Except the above mentioned points the K60 is a pretty well built and well thought product.

The price tag is a bit high coming at around 7000INR but then again its the lowest among other mechanical keyboards in the market as of now.

Overall the Corsair Vengeance K60 gets a 7.5/10 form us in TechARX.