7 Ways Gamers Can Protect Their Devices (Without Impacting Performance!)

Gaming has evolved tremendously in recent years, with online multiplayer gaming taking centre stage. As you’ve probably guessed, it takes a lot of computing power for an effective gaming experience. That is especially true with augmented reality gaming, which is overtaking PC gaming because of the boosted interactivity and realism. Most serious gamers have dedicated machines for gaming only. Often, these machines are stripped of all but the essential programs to guarantee that the gaming applications receive the full processing power of the gaming rig. While this optimizes the gaming…

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Prey Details Updated By Arkane Studios;”It’s More Like a Hybrid Game”

prey details

Prey Details has been updated by Arkane Studios, developers of Dishonored. The re-imagined Prey was unveiled at Bethesda’s E3 conference this year. A new video from the game’s creative director is now up. This video shares additional details about the game. “It is important to note that’s it’s not just shooting.” Colantonio explains. “It’s more like a hybrid game where there’s, like, narrative meets with action meets with a little bit of RPG. You have some weapons, but you also have lots of other things – including powers that you can learn…

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EA’s Origin client to get a makeover, currently in beta

Origin Client

Following the trend of going dark and sleek, after Ubisoft’s Uplay, EA’s Origin client will get a makeover. This is available to test in a beta version. Origin, being a digital distribution client and game library didn’t look very sleek and soft. Till now it looked quite bold and maybe a bit stingy on the eye. But now it looks much closer to it’s competitor’s appearances. The new design isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, either; it’s more functional, too. The store and library are more natural to navigate between, download…

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Doom Second Update Unleashing Tomorrow, New Multiplayer Modes, New Maps Coming Next Week

doom second update

Id Software’s reboot of the classic shooter game DOOM released a few months ago with a sudden success. Despite being mainly single player game, it was said the game will receive multiplayer DLCs in future. Earlier this month, Vulkan Support was added to DOOM with no extra charges by id Software. But the team is hardly finished with supporting this year’s surprise hit shooter. Doom second update will arrive next week on all platforms and it includes some brand new features. The new DOOM update will introduce two new multiplayer…

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