Deciphering the Crypt : Zen Microarchitecture Explained

buy Lyrica online usa buy modafinil leopharmarx AMD has stirred in a lot of discussion and clamor with the official announcement and performance reveal of their latest and greatest CPU architecture i.e. Zen. The most flatulent claims that have been made so far include 6900k level performance at similar clock speeds which AMD demonstrated with a Blender test at a side event, this Wednesday. All of this sounds alluring enough for any computer hardware enthusiast out there, but how exactly has AMD achieved such escalated levels of performance? It is fairly certain that there must be some…

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Intel Kaby Lake CPU Lineup Leaked – Lead by Core i7-7700K

Kaby Lake

The Intel 7th generation Kaby Lake processor family has been leaked by Chinese sources. This leak confirms the various SKUs of the lineup. The details will be up on IDF’16. The newest Kaby Lake processors builds up from the foundation of Skylake architecture with further added optimizations. We are focusing on the desktop lineup today, though the Kaby Lake processor family will come on multiple platforms. 10 SKUs Detailed Within the Intel Kaby Lake Desktop CPU Lineup In addition to these details, there may be a delay on the CPU’s release.…

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Intel Broadwell Y series detailed

Intel’s mobile lineup has been pretty solid barring one major sore spot: Ultra-thin portable devices. While the concept of Ultrabook was awesome, it wasn’t a resounding success as Intel hoped it would be. Moreover, Intel’s offering on the smartphone/tablet side had been pretty paltry, and while they offered solid CPUs, the integrated GPUs were pretty basic and hence somehow the complete package was missing. Cut to today things have changed quite a bit. With the release of 22nm Haswell parts, Intel‘s mobile focus was clearly demonstrated. As it drastically reduced…

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