April 16, 2024

Technology and Gadgets AKA TAG is an Indian company dealing in IT distribution and manufacturing. They have a simple portfolio in gaming consisting of some entry level mouse and a few keyboards.

Today, we will be taking one of their keyboards for a spin. Presenting the Tag Warrior Gaming keyboard with mechanical keys and RGB illuminations.

TAG At this moment has two mechanical rgb keyboard in their product folio with Warrior being the younger sibling. This model comes without a palmrest among other differences.

Now, coming to this particular keyboard itself, we have a full size QWERTY type 104 keys keyboard with OUTEMU BLUE switches.

Build quality wise the TAG warrior is almost built like a tank and looks like it can withstand a few whacks, although this humble reviewer didn’t try :P. On the front, we have the usual raised keycap design with a small palm rest. The TAG gamer logo slotted in nicely in the palm rest although no RGB there. Lack of RGB on the logo is a bit of dampener but thats me nitpicking as usual.

Not much to say ’bout the backside though, its as plain jane as it could be.

Rounding up the package we have a braided cable with a ferrite core showing that even though the keyboard is targeted at the budget crowd, a decent amount of RnD was done by the design team.

Now coming to the main crux of the review, the switches: The TAG Warrior keyboard comes with OUTEMU BLUE switches which are commonly known as “cherry clones”. OUTEMU is the brand name of Gaote Corp from China. OUTEMU Blues’s are a lighter key switch with noticeable tactile and audible feedback. The Blues offer an excellent typing experience and pretty good gaming experience in a more economical package. On the TAG Warrior, the switches come in a clear shell with characteristical bluestem. The LED’s are embedded in the PCB itself.

While the purists might scrunch up their noses at the switch choice, at this price point, the choice was natural and perfect. Add to the fact that this board comes with a decent RGB implementation, we have a strong contender in our hands.

A small display of the RGB implementation can be viewed here:

Coming to the keyboard itself, we put it through our usual gauntlet of everyday usage (read : legal drafting, blogging, typing of this review itself and lots of overwatch) and the likes. The keyboard went through it perfectly and we were presently surprised by it. The keys feel responsive, the sound is just right and the RGB works fine. What more one can expect from a budget keyboard these days? Sure this one will not sync with your PC lighting; nor it will sync with your music, but this keyboard was not designed for that. The TAG Warrior keyboard is designed to do one job ; that is to give the user a good typing and gaming experience with a little bit of bling and it does the job perfectly.

A Silver from team TechARX. A definite winner for the price!