September 26, 2023



Featuring a four-port addressable RGB controller with ROG Halo and Aura Sync support, ASUS’ brings ROG Aura Terminal to the table.  Each of the ports support up to 90 LEDs max, and a total of 210 LEDs throughout.

Your motherboard’s USB 2.0 headers will be used to connect the controller with ASUS’ Aura Sync RGB utility. Either a 4-pin molex connector, or a 45W power brick is used to power it.

With ASUS Halo you can create an ambient light effect based on say a game color palette, and thus that is interesting to add a LED strip behind your monitor. “Perhaps the most compelling application for the Aura Terminal involves matching ambient lighting with on-screen gaming. Dubbed Halo, this effect uses four addressable RGB strips affixed to the back edges of your monitor. Special software detects colors displayed along the edges of the screen and changes the LEDs to match, creating a dynamic glow that reaches far beyond the boundaries of your monitor. The reactive lighting enhances immersion, especially in colorful games like Overwatch, elevating the Aura Terminal above conventional RGB controllers,” said ASUS.