July 12, 2024

When it comes to ultimate soccer simulation one name is common between gamers,FIFA.EA never disappoint its fifa loyalists and this year is not exceptional.Fifa 15 comes with all the features which a true soccer fan always wanted.


The first most talked about feature of fifa this year is finally pc gets the next gen IGNITE engine.EA showcased their next gen engine last year along with the next gen consoles with FIFA 14 to be the first game that features this engine.But they chose to stick with the consoles as pc got the same old ps3 engine last year.Things have changed now and with ignite pc version of fifa 15 is just gorgeous.With most advanced features comes some restrictions too as for the system requirement 8gb ram and atleast a core 2 duo processor is required to run fifa15 on pc this year.The grass textures,rain drops,crowds chanting the name of their favorite player all these features just instantly lights up the atmosphere of Santiago Bernabeu,Old Trafford and Anfield. For the first time players react to unfair fouls,go head to head with opponent player in rough situations,appreciate teammate’s goal and show signs of disappointment on loss.The mood and atmosphere of the stadium as well as the players instantly changes according to the on field events.It really gives you the pleasure to relive that passion of football which you always wanted to experience,the only difference is now you can enjoy that just by sitting on your couch in the living room.Ball control is exceptional with perfect pass accuracy.Fifa 15 is an absolute dream game for dribblers.


Another most advanced and dramatically re-engineered feature of Fifa 15 is the goalkeepers.I literally felt disgusted and humiliated just to score one goal in legendary mode against them.They fly like superman and save the most impossible shots.though sometime they act foolishly by conceding goals in the most humorous manner but then again for the interest of sports its acceptable.


Stadiums are well generated and widely detailed.The over the top helicopter camera angle,the “this is anfield” sign in liverpool’s homeground just simply adds that excitement in the game.The new feature introduced in Fifa this year is the goal line technology.Though its limited to some stadiums only but we hope more stadiums get this feature with later updates.Fifa 15 ultimate team is same as previous year only new addition is now you can take a player for loan or give them for a limited period of time.Xbox one got the legend players in FUT which includes yesteryear’s legends such as Franz Beckenbauer,peter schmeichel and many more.

Though some cons came in our site such as too much ball controlling,which sometimes actually slows up the gameplay a bit.Crowds are well generated but sometimes their motions seems pretty mechanical.Some small glitches are also their but that can be ignored as we believe future updates will sort these things out.

overall fifa 15 this year impresses a lot.New engine,polished gameplay,re engineered mechanics makes the game a must buy.Fifa is available on ps4,ps3,xbox 360,xbox one and PC.





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