March 1, 2024

Snapdragon 830 has already been reported to feature 8GB of Ram and 8 custom Kyro Cores , and while that may be termed as being overkill even for smartphones and tablets, the latest rumor revolves around the SoC packing even more speed underneath its hood in terms of wireless network and processing speeds.

Snapdragon 830 May Feature a Total Of 8 Processing Cores And A Cat. 16 Modem

According to My Drivers, analyst Pan Jiutang states that the SoC is identified by model number ‘MSM8998’, and to refresh your knowledge, the Snapdragon 820 possesses the model name MSM8996. One of the reasons why Snapdragon 830 will be able to pack more cores is because the manufacturing process will shift from 14nm FinFET to 10nm FinFET, although it has not been confirmed who is going to be the chief supplier of those chips.

For the longest time, there was absolutely nothing standing in between Qualcomm and TSMC’s way.Until Samsung buzzed through and produced a favorable amount of 14nm FinFET chip yield, beating its biggest rival in the process


It has not been stated when Snapdragon 830 intends to become available for mobiles and tablets, but according to the latest report, during the later months of 2016 and beginning of 2017 should be focused on heavily

Qualcomm was able to showcase the properties of Snapdragon 820 in the very first smartphone to feature the SoC during CES 2016 and the name of the smartphone was Letv Le Max Pro so it is possible that we see a brief little demonstration of the chipset during CES 2017.


Looks like the custom Kryo cores have actually worked out well in Qualcomm’s favor and to get even more performance out of them, increasing the total number of cores without diving in to produce a fresh custom processor does seem like a healthy approach to scrape more performance out of a future chipset.


Keep in mind that this is just a rumor and it could quickly be refuted in the coming months to come, but from where things stand at the moment, the aforementioned information looks to be true.