April 16, 2024

The brain behind widely famous franchisee “Civilization” Sid Meir today announced his new game “Sid Meier’s Starships”.In collaboration with 2k studios and Firaxis starship will be an interstellar strategy game coming to PC,MAC and ipad.Here is the announcement trailer:-

Starships allows you to journey through the galaxy to discover new planets,the inhabitants and manage a fleet of starships.Your goal is to protect the inhabitants of the planets and build a planetary federation.A new feature called “dynamically generated tactical combat” is introduced for the first time.Every mission come with an unique map and thanks to this new feature it expands the replayability.Rumor is the game will also feature cross connectivity between Beyond Earth and Starships.

As Meier said and we quote ” When designing Starships, I was intrigued by the idea of exploring the next chapter in the story of Civilization: Beyond Earth,What happens after we colonize our new home and eventually build starships to take to the stars? What has become of our long-lost brothers and sisters from the planet Earth?My goal was to create an experience that focuses on starship design and combat within a universe filled with interstellar adventure, diplomacy, and exploration.”

Sid Meier’s Straships will slated to release in spring 2015.Keep an eye on our site for further details.