April 16, 2024



Shardlight is a post-apocalyptic point and click adventure game developed and produced by Wadjet Eye Games. Shardlight is a game where the world we know completely got destroyed over twenty years ago when the bomb dropped. The world since then is suffering from hunger with people just trying to survive the way they can. A disease called GREEN LUNG is ravaging the population which is dangerous. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the GREEN LUNG disease. The only way to stay alive after catching the disease is to get your vaccines continuously. The vaccines is in control of the rich Aristocrats. You will be given those vaccines only if you do the dangerous jobs for the Aristocrats.

You play as Amy Wellard, who has contracted GREEN LUNG and have to do some of the dangerous jobs for the aristocrats in order to get access to those vaccines to cure herself. In the road to those dangerous jobs, Amy goes deep into the dark secret where she finds that things aren’t just as stable as it seems.

Gameplay involves walking around the environment and exploring in order to figure out how to proceed in the game. You need to solve puzzles and use items collected in order to push the story forward. So, it’s you everyday typical point and click game. Also, its a post apocalyptic  video game , a genre which never seizes to amaze us these days in the video gaming industry. This game follows the same path. I love the post apocalyptic genre because the in game world seems very new as they are different from the world that we live in. Shardlight game that vibe. One of the main reason why I like this game is because this game has a very good storyline along with point and click. It won’t convince the people who usually hate the Point and Click genre, but it does’nt hide the fact that Shardlight is an amazing point and click game.





Shardlight’s greatest strength is its story and its plot. The game has an interesting engaging setting. This game also has an amazing backstory, which I am disappointed because the game does’nt address it that much. The characters in this game are interesting, story is amazing, the voice acting is very nicely done. The main character is very nicely voiced along with different characters where some of them were not that good. At some parts of the game, the story seemed a little off. I got the feeling at certain points that the story was moving too quickly or at some point the story was dragged way to long. Either way, it did not ruin my experience in any way.

Shardlight is a 9 hours straight game and buy it only if you are into point and click game. If you are not, don’t buy it because it sticks to very basic point and click formulas for this kinds of games and I do not recommend this game if you are not a fan of this genre.

My Final Verdict, Shardlight is a very good point and click video game with an interesting storyline which you will dive into. You will continue playing this game to see what happens next in the story. The gameplay is straightforward enough. I said before not to buy this game if you’re not into point and click genre, now I will say you can start with this game if somehow you want to change your mind. I give this game a 8.5 out of 10.