July 12, 2024

If their’s anything that has experienced the largest leaps of growth in the tech industry, its mobiles and their subsidiary technologies. Portable devices have become mainstream and its nearly implausible to find someone who doesn’t own a Smartphone / Tablet. One feature that tech enthusiasts have been critical off however, is the memory – a vital component in any computing device. Compact memory like the SD Cards hasn’t been half as near as impressive as memory on Desktop PCs or Laptops. The storage capacities have been escalated exponentially, but the speed improvements have been barely patent. This might however soon be revolutionized with Samsung as they are all set to launch the world’s first and fastest SD Cards – UFS (Universal Flash Storage) memory. The new memory standard boasts of a spectacular sequential read speed of 530 MB/s on the 256 GB card which is almost five times faster in comparison to the prime microSD cards today. Apart from this it also features a sequential write speed of 170 MB/s ; two to three times faster than the current offerings.

Samsung UFS memory

To note, Samsung has made an unbelievable claim about its 256 GB UFS card. According to Samsung, the 256 GB UFS card is rated at a random read rate of 40,000 IOPS which is 20 times greater in comparison to most microSD cards today, in addition to this it also flaunts a random write rate of 35,000 IOPS a godlike 350 times faster than the typical microSD card. All of these claims, however, should be taken with a pinch of salt as their are no existent real world performance benchmarks to justify them. Although, one thing that we can be positive about is the fact that the new UFS memory standard will be multiple orders of magnitudes faster than mainstream mobile memory today, bringing the smartphone industry a step closer to competing with the PC industry. Bear in mind that the new UFS cards won’t be compatible with the current smartphones / tablets and Samsung might be on the lookout to launch the Galaxy Note 7 which could be the first to support this new, blazing fast standard. Something that’d surely serve as a pompous headline to vindicate Samsung’s claims.

JEDEC has also published and certified Universal Flash Storage as an accepted memory standard.