April 21, 2024

Rumors have long suggested that Samsung is building a new smartwatch with a round face. As early as last January we heard reports of the rumored “Orbis” smartwatch that is expected to run Tizen and feature a rotating bezel and other new features. Now, in a post about a new software development kit (SDK) for its smartwatches, Samsung seems to have confirmed those rumors.

The company posted an image of a smartwatch with an interface we haven’t seen before, and it also features the round display we’ve heard so much about. We don’t get a full look at the whole smartwatch, it’s more of a teaser look at the user interface, and so we also don’t see anything about the rumored rotating bezel. It does, however, tease a few apps that are being built for the watch, including CNN, Yelp, Baidu and more. The company specifically references a “next generation Gear device,” and calls on developers to join its program to create new apps and experiences for the smartwatch.


“Samsung has actively adapted its approach to wearable device development as the leader of the rapidly developing category,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Through meaningful and progressive innovation, Samsung welcomes to (sic) developers and industry leaders to join this open collaboration effort to enrich and create unique user experiences for a new smart mobile life.”

“The new wearable device will be the 7th generation of Samsung Gear with a wrist watch type,” Samsung said in the blog post. It didn’t say when the wearable will launch, or when we’ll get a closer look, but developers can sign up to learn more now.