May 17, 2024

Welcome to the land of rust, where you can be mowed down by a chopper, or perhaps even by a naked or armed man, and your pen*s size is determined by your steam username and also your overall appearance. No, seriously, it is. Garry Newman, the head of Facepunch Studios, said in an interview, “We at Facepunch studious are a young adult at outside, but we are child at heart” laughingly. Censors don’t apply here, because it’s one and only – Rust!

An attack chopper, Patrolling the land in ight
An attack chopper, Patrolling the land in night

An alien yet somewhat familiar island where cavemen can be seen armed with guns, trying to hunt you, or others down. The game’s major objective is PVP and PVP only, although it has some PvE elements too, for example, NPC chopper event which appears every 32 to 76 hours and goes out to hunt players, moving from one landmark to another.

The game was first released in steam, as an early access survival game, released by a famous studio called Facepunch Studios, best known for Garry’s Mod, which is still very much active even after 8 full years! So, anyhow, I started to play Rust in November 2013, when I first started to play this, I would run into radtowns and radanimals that would kill me, eventually leading me to ragequit. However, with some interest, I started the game again and teamed up with players, raided a few bases and it seemed good.

A typical base raid in the Experimental Rust
A typical base raid in the Experimental Rust

hings were going good but then our base was raided and all the time we spent to build the base was lost. We started again successfully, raiding them down, but this was a story of Rust legacy, now moving onto the current Rust, also known as Rust Experimental or simply the new Rust, there’s a lot more content and new gameplay mechanics improvised over the original Rust legacy.

With the key feature of randomly generated maps, better graphics, audio engine and updated Unity 5 engine. The whole game was built from scratch and the developers said that they’re working even more and more into improving and adding more content into the game. There’s even custom skins that you can buy and apply to your favorite guns, somewhat like Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Also, you can make your own Skins and if the developers like it – they may even add it to the game! game!

A custom skin in Rust, showing the 'G' letter of Garry's Mod
A custom skin in Rust, showing the ‘G’ letter of Garry’s Mod

The Experimental Rust brings a host of new items, more content and more pvp oriented map called Map Hapis, which is solely built for pvp and little base-building, as the loot crates offer high-end loot. As I mentioned above – NPC Chopper – is a pve event which appears even more frequently in Map Hapis. It can shred you with just a few bullets of its machine gun. Taking cover inside your base wont work! It’s equipped with rockets that can demolish your base to the ground.
Moving onto the PVP system of the game, there’s a lot of choice here too, a variety of guns, such as the primitive eoka pistol or the trusty ol’ bolt action rifle, often used as a highly accurate sniper rifle, thanks to the attachments available in-game. There are tons of servers too, the game’s community is very active but the main problem of the game is it’s aggressive player base. People will get angry at you and start saying things that might not be pleasant. Some actually go really far so as to report you and spam your profile so watch out for these people – you would certainly want to avoid them.
Last but not least, the terrain of the game, which is randomly generated and land marks of the game are uniquely placed so each land mark won’t be in similar places in maps. Each map has its own unique types of forests, grasslands and meadows so you won’t see the exact same terrain on all servers.

A Monument in Map Hapis
A Monument in Map Hapis

Minding all the aspects of the game, it gets a straight 7/10 from me. I’ve spent about 150 hours in Rust – including the legacy version, and I must say the game’s just wonderful. It has came up from a long way down and is even going higher with each new update! Will you join the world of Rust? Or have you already? Let us know about your adventures and how you like the game in comment section below!

>Good PVP system.
>Good content.
>Decent graphics and artwork.
>Constant updates.

>Community can be rude and vulgar at times.
>Spawn points are often in wrong places, gets glitched sometimes.
>Some performance issues and FPS drops even on high end machines.s even on high end machines