May 20, 2024

Ubisoft’s latest first person shooter has reportedly been filled with several cheaters using cheats and hacks. Ubisoft finally made themselves aware of this fact and released a patch which was released in the form of 2.2 earlier this month which will counter the cheater and make the game a “solid competitive experience”,according to the Ubisoft. The bulk functions and tweaks that came with the patch included several tweaks that dealt with issues like code exploits, spawn-killing, and some other countermeasures.

Addition of report button also helped the company, which was a very important to countermeasure against the cheaters. Any suspectable player can be reported and Ubisoft will go through his actions to investigate his or her guilt.

Ubisoft also announced that anybody caught cheating will be banned immediately for a fair amount of time. They have’nt announced yet for how long.

Anyways, this is one fair step taken by Ubisoft as the game itself was losing it’s market due to hackers and cheaters coming into the scene.