February 22, 2024

If you’re a fan of adventure, action, and thriller games, this particular one will make your day. This game is packed with varieties of modes, maps, agents, weapons, and objectives. Players can play as an agent from different parts of the world in either the attacking team or the defending team. The best part is that dead players can still be useful in Rainbow Six Siege.

So, if you’ve joined the community and wondering how to perform better in every team and match, this article will help you. First, grab the proven rainbow six siege hacks to simplify the game. Then use the 10 tips from professional players below to play better.

If you’re ready for the next match, check the tips below.

10 Pro Tips for Expert Play

1.    Grab that easy cash

 We know that it’s often hard to make money in games. But Rainbow six made this easy by offering a 600 Renown to any player who watches its 3 tutorial videos. These videos are crucial to learning some of the game’s components and will also gift you money to buy in-game skins, new Operators, or even weapon attachments. So, don’t miss the goodies but grab with both hands. 

2.    Kill some AIs first

One of the important skills to master in any action game is aiming precision. Once you can master that, getting a reasonable number of headshots won’t be a problem anymore. So, many professionals agree that you play the Terrorist Hunt where you fight against AIs and use it to improve your aiming skills. The best part is that both moving and static AIs will be available to learn more. Moreover, you’ll be making some cool Renown in this mode too.

3.    Environmental sounds can help.

Sounds can help you a lot in this game. No matter how focused you are on the objective, always listen to your environment. This is because many actions we take in the game make sounds that tell others about our location. So, you can use this to identify the opponent’s locations. For example, whether someone is crouching or walking, there is usually a sound attached to such movements. But remember, your opponents can hear you too. It’s a two-way thing that can make or mar you. Therefore be careful to minimize the sounds you make.

4.    Understand the battleground

Every game mode happens on the map. This is the playable space where the operators fight, loot, and maybe escape from depending on the objective. If you want to dominate any match, you must understand the battleground, and the best way is to master the maps. Rainbow Six Siege has 20 maps available for the different game modes, including hostage, bomb, tactical realism, etc. So, spend a little time understanding these maps a bit.

5.    Master the leaning technique

This fight is a first-person shooter game, and leaning works wonders. So, if you’ve not been using it, start now. Leaning enables you to check out corners without losing your head. It reduces your profile and only exposes a little part of your body. By that, the opponents can’t get an accurate aim at you and won’t fire at you.

6.    Know the enemy

One pro tip to remember is that knowing your enemy will help you defeat him. That’s why you need to know the operators, whether in your team or the opposing team, so you can play them better. Learn about these operators and adapt to them. This will help you to use them correctly or defeat them easily.

7.    Match operators with your playstyle

 What kind of playstyle do you perform optimally with, and which operators will fit perfectly into the style. These are questions to determine the success of your team selection. For example, those who love the hard anchor play choose operators who fit in, such as Rook, with the unique ability to defend his teammates. But if you love destruction, go for Ash or Ela.

8.    Work together for better results.

Rainbow Six Siege is a team-based game, and you have to treat it like that. Don’t try to be a lone hero when it’s not necessary. So, always communicate with the team and plan together. Also, don’t face fights alone to avoid quick, painful deaths.

9.    Know where the surveillance is

We have said earlier that map knowledge is important. Well, camera location knowledge is also crucial. Professional players recommend identifying them while playing the Terrorist Hunt to prepare you better for them in the hot matches.

10.Don’t be an aggressive defender.

Aggressive play is best left for the attacking team. If you’re playing the defensive team, you don’t have to expose yourself to quick deaths. Don’t confront enemies unnecessarily or pick fights. Instead, fortify your surrounding and position yourself well against enemies approaching the objective.


Rainbow Six Siege is a loaded game with many maps and modes. The operators are also equipped with valuable abilities for every team where you play. So, take up these tips above and become a better team member.