July 17, 2024

With the release of Radeon Pro Duo just days away, unboxing pictures of the card is being leaked all around the internet.
We bring you some of them for your viewing pleasure courtesy the Chiphell Forum and ibuypowers twitter page

Radeon Pro Duo Box

Radeon Pro Duo is based on two of AMD’s Fiji GPU cores, giving this GPU a total of 8192 GCN GPU cores and a total of 8GB of HBM memory, all of which is cooled by a custom made Cooler Master AIO water cooler. On the price side of things we have a 1500USD tag which makes it more costly than two fury X,

Radeon Pro Duo unboxed

On the cooling side of things the card will be completely cooled by a thick 120mm radiator and a Cooler Master made AIO liquid cooler unlike the older 295×2 which had an hybrid cooling setup. While little is talked about the cooling but the slides from AMD looks abolutely stunning on paper

Radeon Pro Duo Diagram

The whole card looks very premium with sleeved tubing, soft touch front and back plates, LED logo, matte black PCB and nickel-plated aluminum chassis. As always premium cards commends premium pricing and AMD is asking 1500$ for it which puts it at a tad bit costly than two Fury X’s combined, however the fact that is THE fastest Single PCB card ever produced might justify the cost.

Radeon Pro Duo with Fiji keychain

Oh and did we say the card comes with a separete Fiji chip which can be used as a keychain?(atleast we think so).
While we wait for the card to come out officially heres are some specs to drool over
Graphics Card Name AMD FirePro S9300 X2 AMD Radeon Pro Duo AMD FirePro S9170
Graphics Card Segment HPC Workstation/Gaming HPC
Graphics Core Fiji XT x2 Fiji XT x2 Hawaii XT
Process Node 28nm Process 28nm Process 28nm Process
Stream Processors 4096 x2 4096 x2 2816
Core Clock 850 MHz 1000 MHz 930 MHz
FP32 Compute 13.9 TFLOPs 16.0 TFLOPs 5.2 TFLOPs
FP64 Compute 0.8 TFLOPs 0.9 TFLOPs 2.6 TFLOPs
VRAM 4 GB HBM x2 4 GB HBM x2 32 GB GDDR5
Bus Interface 4096-bit x2 4096-bit x2 512-bit
Memory Clock 500 MHz x2 500 MHz x2 5.0 GHz
Memory Bandwidth 512 GB/s x2 512 GB/s x2 320 GB/s
TDP / Cooling 300W / Passive 350W / Liquid AIO 275W / Passive
Launch Q2 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2015
Price $5999 US $1499 US $3999 US