April 16, 2024

Sony just announced the free games for September 2014 for ps plus members.Here is the list of the games you can look forward to:-

EU/India – PS Plus Sep 2014

Leaving PS Plus:
3rd September:*Road Not Taken
3rd September:*FEZ
3rd September:*Crysis 3
3rd September:*Proteus
3rd September:*Metrico
3rd September:*LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 Years

Entering PS Plus:
3rd September: Velocity 2X
3rd September: Sportsfriends
3rd September: PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale
3rd September: Hoard
3rd September: TxK
3rd September: Joe Danger PS Vita



Mouth watering games are up for grabs this month.Get them ASAP.