April 10, 2024

Potata: Fairy Flower, is a platforming game developed by the aptly named Potata Company. Featuring old school platforming mechanics and gorgeous visuals, Potata is a heartwarming adventure.

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Platforming
DEVELOPER: Potata Company
PUBLISHER: Potata Company
RELEASE DATE: 17 Dec 2019
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4(Reviewed), Xbox One, PC

Potata: Fairy Flower sees our beloved heroine Potata searching for a cure for her totem fox. Being the daughter of a witch, she asks her mother to help out in brewing a potion and sets off on an adventure to gather ingredients. Over your adventure, you will come across other NPCs both friendly and evil.

Platforming and environment puzzles are the bread and butter of this game and Potata: Fairy Flower delivers on this front. Like any 2D platformer, you navigate around various platforms and objects to reach your objective.

Something that Potata: Fairy Flower does very well are its puzzles. There are quite a few different types of these puzzles available, from figuring out which item to use to an actual Tetris like sequence. The variety and difficulty of these puzzles are adequate, and it never gets frustrating, despite the lack of instructions.

Apart from platforming, Potata: Fairy Flower also features boss battles. There is a sharp rise in difficulty when facing boss battles, but I would have appreciated if Potata incorporated more unique mechanics into these battles.

The visuals are very striking and really beautiful, using a wide range of colors. The animations do feel a bit janky and unpolished at times, but the overall presentation is top-notch. The characters are well designed and even the supporting characters have a certain personality. The OST also does a great job of setting the mood.