May 20, 2024

The rogue-like genre has been steadily gaining popularity in these past years. Fury Unleashed takes the gameplay elements that make this genre so enticing, mixes in a unique art style to deliver a unique and fun experience.

: Action, Roguelite, RPG
DEVELOPER: Awesome Games Studio
PUBLISHER: Awesome Games Studio
RELEASE DATE: 8 May 2020
PLATFORMS: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4(Reviewed), Xbox One, PC

Like any other rogue-like game, Fury Unleashed constantly encourages you to improve, not only the playable character but your own skills at the game. By memorizing the map, mastering your hand at the controls, and the enemy attack patterns you slowly become adept at the game.

The main objective is to progress through the different phases of the map, facing different enemies, mini-bosses, and the final boss. Since it is a roguelike, the difficulty is a core theme of the game and you will die quite often. By utilizing your knowledge of your untimely death, and analyzing what caused it, you can improve your chances next time around. Of course, there are also actual upgrades you can do to your hero to make him stronger and better at killing the bad guys, but using knowledge gained from your previous runs is vitally important to succeeding.

There are many ways of dispatching your enemies, but primarily you will be using whatever gun you have equipped. From Flamethrowers to Assault Rifles, Fury Unleashed has something for everyone. You can also use grenades, melee attack and your special attack.

The most interesting and unique thing about Fury Unleashed is its comic-book-like presentation. The game plays out like a comic strip, and care has been taken to deliver a very uniform experience in all aspects of the game. From the map to the character design, every element meshes well together.

Fury Unleashed plays very smoothly on the base PS4. There’s always a stable FPS and I did not face any bugs or crashes. Despite its simple looks, the game does pack in some pretty hand-drawn visuals.

Not everything is perfect though. For starters, Fury Unleashed can get a bit repetitive and mundane. The repetitive nature comes with the genre, but the lack of variety in level design and enemies hinders the game quite a bit. Secondly, controls can get a bit iffy, and manual aim can be a pain to control.