April 16, 2024

Play of the Game

Overwatch has been one of the greatest releases of the year so far and the insanely popular MOBA/FPS hybrid has taken the gaming community by storm, pushing aside all competition. *cough* Battleborn *cough*. Jokes apart. A cool feature of Overwatch is ” Play of the game ” which is a kind of specialised highlight for every match. What it does is this feature shows everyone the best moment at the end of a given match as determined by an algorithm. Currently it’s shown from the perspective of the player who made the play, but according to Blizzard, that’s going to change. The feature will be made more cinematic to allow for a more varied variety of plays to be shown at the end of each match.

“We feel like for your standard play of the game, like a Reaper getting a death blossom kill on four people, they look great and they’re really fun to watch,” says Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan. “But some of the other ones like the Torbjörn who’s dead and his turret’s killing people, or a Widowmaker getting a really impressive shot from across the map: those aren’t showing great right now. They’re actually really cool moments but we feel like there’s a way to show them more cinematically.”

“We feel like if we can refine how we’re showing play of the games, we’ll actually open the door for us to do more things like our saviour play of the games, where you’re about to be killed and somebody intervenes. It’s actually really cool, but it doesn’t show very well because the camera might not be tracking from the best angle.”

Kaplan also added.
” this one’s not on the immediate horizon, I’d say it’s something we’d like to get to this summer “


Well that about sums it up. I leave you with some awesome, Play(s) of the Game, in the video below.