May 19, 2024
OLO 3D printer

First ever smartphone 3D printer :- OLO 3D printer

3D printing revolution is taking a huge step with latest advancement in the technologies. A 3D printer is quite different from other sorts of printer rather we should say a complicated piece of hardware, and you get 3D printing out of it, usually an object as the output and for Such printing you need to Spend thousands of dollars. But With its kickstarter campaign  OLO 3D is the best in the market and is available at very reasonable price. You get this product for just $99.  It is the best example of portable printer.

It uses the light from your smartphone as a curing agent for its many resins.  OLO works with nearly any brand.It’s  compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows and they promises to even work with bigger displays such as of  samsung A7, S7 edge, iPhone 6s plus.

Olo 3D printer

It Consist of a mere seven components and one engine, and  your smartphone is going to do most of the work for the OLO once you download an app that allows for files to be uploaded, managed online, and then sent for printing. With this interface , users can share everything. make his/her own designs  and lots more.

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