April 19, 2024

Recently a site called “http://videocardz.com/” unveiled pictures of the new GeForce GTX cooler that will be used for upcoming Pascal series.


  1. Make of the GPU cooler-
    The Gtx 1080 cooler is made from four total parts each built with magnesium alloy and built with the die-sinking method which focuses electrical discharges on the metal to shape a form. We also saw the CNC method being used earlier so it could be possible that multiple tech is being used to assemble the different parts.


    The GTX 10*0 is missing since the shroud is being made for both 1080 cards and 1070. The final version of the shroud has a clear window on the front and comes with the same fan as the current NVTTM cooler.


    We are seeing all these leaks of GTX 1000 series, because Pascal GP104 has entered mass production. We can soon hope to see more in the Computex 2016 where they may unveil these cards.

    More news to come soon so please do tune in again, folks.