May 20, 2024

Dell recently held a press event in Taiwan, which showcased some of their new products that would be launching this year, like the Latitude 13 7000 and Latitude 12 7000. They also announced the P4317Q, a 43” inch 4k monitor.

A bigger display is always welcomed by gamers and computer users in general, however, when it comes to 4K displays PC enthusiasts do not have much to choose from when going to the over 32″ segment. The small display size however, results in improper display scaling with hard to read displays due to high DPI.

A 4K Display at 40″ or 43″ on the other hand will offer DPI similar to a 27″ 1440p display, giving a larger workspace and work area, making it an attractive option for many users. Up until now not many companies have offered 4K resolutions in larger sizes outside of the TV market, so Dell has a first mover advantage here.

Dell Dell P4317Q
The Dell P4317Q(right)

The P4317Q joins the InfinityEdge display series of products, which boast borders as thin as 7.3 mm providing users with a superior visual experience.

Not much is known about the P4317Q in terms of colour or refresh rate.  The main control buttons are provided at the bottom right of the display panel of the border. It comes equipped with two sets of support MHL HDMI, a set of mini DP, a DP, 3.5mm audio output and input terminals, in addition to three sets of USB3.0 expansion port. This is all that was revealed.

This monitor will be launching in Taiwan in May, while pricing and international availability is still to be announced.

One thought on “Dell Showcases 43inch P4317Q 4K Monitor

  1. In a world populated by UHD color and Dolby color depth, with a 10 bit capable panel they should have put a 10 bit capable backlight on it and given it full 10 bit color. Maybe a U series twin will be coming, but maybe not too. The notebook in the pic in the article has better color depth than the monitor next to it. Sad.

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